Seoul based photographer/director Cha Byungchul is renowned for his musical, fashion and celebrity photography. His list of clients ranges from a-list celebrities to musical and concert production companies. 

Constantly working among his personal, editorial and advertising projects. He is now running his own studio, STUDIO CHAGOON.

Cha’s very goal as a photographer is to photograph the soul of his subject - when he has someone in front of his lens, he likes to work from the inside out, instead of other way around - for this reason he loves to work with actors or models who have sensitive characteristics as they can be more expressive with their emotions.


G-Dragon, XIA(Kim jun-su),VIXX, Song joong-gi, IU, SE7EN, Park Hyo-shin, Highlight, Sistar…etc


CJeS Entertainment, CJeS Culture, CJeS Model-edition, SM Entertainment, YG, Jellyfish, Cube,

Fantagio, Brandnew music, Insight Entertainment, EMK, EA&C..etc


Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, Singles, Instyle, Sure

Arena, Esquire, GQ, Noblesse, Men’s health, My wedding, Avenuel, SEHEN

Musical and Concert Poster

Musical Elisabeth (エリザベー) Takarazuka Revue_Japan 2018

Musical Notre dame de Paris 10th Anniversary

Musical Anna Karenina 2018

Musical ‘ポーの一族’_Takarazuka Revue_Japan 2018

Musical Mata Hari 2016, 2017

Musical Rebecca 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017

Musical The Great  Gatsby 2016_Japan

Musical Dorian gray 2016

Musical Natasha and white donkey with me 2016, 2017

Musical Monte cristo 2016

Musical Elisabeth 2013, 2015

Musical Mozart 2014, 2016

Musical Death note 2015

Musical Marieantoinette 2014

Musical Rudolf 2012, 2014

Musical Carmen 

Musical Phantom 2015

Musical Bonnie and clyde 2013, 2014

Musical Catch me if you can 

Musical Guys and dolls

Musical Jack the ripper

Musical The three musketeers

Musical Black Mary Poppins

Musical Hamlet

Kim Joowon_Marguerite and Armand

K-Musical Stars concert 2013

Premium concert_ONE

Im Tae-kyung_All this time, The last kiss